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Encounter of the traditional gingerbread with the contemporary art and design 




Centuries-old tradition in Hungary that people give to each other ornate gingerbreads. The gingerbread making is still prosperous tradition in Central and Eastern European countries. The old craftsmen displayed the most important stages of life in the gingerbread forms: doll, house, heart, hussars formed. My objective is that tradition inclusion into the modern age. Perhaps it is due to the fact that my gingerbread have success even in those countries where originally are not traditional root of gingerbread decorate. It gives me great joy to make gingerbread which wear the unique style.

The carefully crafted ornate gingerbread is beautiful, eye-catching. Because the aroma of these cookies evoke the atmosphere of Christmas, they smell came into the soul. The gingerbread products is not only a special cookie but also as souvenir. The quality of recipes what are used by me adapt to this.  Each recipe is very tasty, but the durability is different. You should eat within few months then will dry out. The well-crafted precisely decorated gingerbread keeps the form and taste. The motifs and recipes of my gingerbread root in the traditional Hungarian folk art but I strive to prepare unique my own individually design work.

A carefully prepared gingerbread has special intimate feeling. I like if my product is irreproducible like those special occasions for which are made.

These are perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, retirements but the hotels interested in buying for unique guest gifts; furthermore to balls and awards ceremonies, like a plaques; or even twin cities present each other with yours arms of towns in this way. Wonderful addition to any celebration.

I endeavour to make imaginative, personalized gifts for every occasion. I draw a lot of ideas from the subtle pattern on a nice crafted cabinet knob or decorative tiles’ design. Wherever I go in the world my eyes looking for the gingerbread suitable patterns. It can be a beautiful filigree goldsmith’s work, a lace lingerie or even wallpaper, a wrought-iron fence, but a beautiful female tattoo, which inspires me.



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